The Sunday Playlist: Lawrence van Hagen chooses his top 10 tracks

The curator of the What's Up exhibitions shares his musical memories and favourite songs for the Gentleman’s Journal Sunday Playlist, in association with KEF

Lawrence Van Hagen knows a thing or two about art. Since 2016, the entrepreneur has been the curator of the ‘What’s Up’ exhibitions; a series of events dedicated to supporting emerging artists. The mediums range from architecture to oil paintings, statues to sculptures — and Van Hagen makes a point of meeting every artist he exhibits.

“The art is only part of the story,” he says. “You need to know where it came from.”

But, while culture may be his business, there remains one artistic medium Van Hagen still dabbles in for fun; music. Despite his singular tastes and discerning eye for creativity, the 27-year-old has an unexpectedly open mind when it comes to his music choices. With everything from seventies soft-rock ballads to alternative dance remixes making the cut, scroll down to see what he’s curated into his Sunday Playlist…

gentleman's journal lawrence van hagen

When do you usually listen to music?, I like to listen to music in the car while driving to meetings around London — or while on a road trip in the English countryside or the south of France. I also work out on a daily basis, and music is definitely a motivation booster. And obviously, I love listening to music and sharing songs, sets and playlists with my friends.

What was the last song you listened to?, ‘Stone’s Gone Up’, by David Lynch — just this morning.

Spotify or vinyl?, I love Spotify. I use it all the time to create playlists for all sorts of situations. It’s a life saver.

What was the last album you bought?, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon. I love this record, and how one song softens into the next.

What is your favourite workout song?, ‘Miura’, by Metro Area. It has the perfect BPM for my workouts.

gentleman's journal lawrence van hagen
gentleman's journal lawrence van hagen

What do you play when you want to relax?, I find nothing more relaxing than listening to some good old jazz or classical piano music.

Which instrument do you wish you could play?, I have played the piano since a young age and I would love to get better at it, but saxophone is probably the instrument that comes to mind in response to this question. I find it so fun.

When was the last time a music or sound-related experience made you ‘listen and believe’?, The first time I went to an opera with my mother, in Vienna back when I was very young. I believe that opera is the most perfected and cohesive work of art.

Lawrence van Hagen’s Sunday Playlist

Time, by Pachanga Boys. This song reminds me of one of the most memorable moments from my trip to Burning Man last year. We were playing it in the RV as we entered the site. It was my first time at Burning Man and, although I wouldn’t consider myself a party guy, I would recommend it to anyone as the place — and the atmosphere — are absolutely unique and magical.

Voyage Voyage, by Desireless. This song reminds me of the dinner parties my family used to organise in our house in the south of France when I was younger.

Who Loves The Sun, by NU feat. Jo.Ke. This song reminds me of my summers in Greece. I love going there with my friends for a week or two.

Democracy, I Was Thirsty, by Nicolas Jaar and Soul Keita. I love Nicolas Jaar’s music and, although this is not the song most people know him for, it is by far my favourite.

Rocket Man, by Elton John. I love listening to this song during road trips. I find Elton John’s music to be such a mood booster; there is always someone in the car singing along to the lyrics.

Innerbloom, by RÜFÜS DU SOL. I like listening to this song when I’m driving around in central London.

Love Sensation, by LOVRA. This song reminds me of a trip to Italy I organised with my friends last year for my birthday.

When You’re Watching Me, by Krankbrother. I listen to this song a lot during my cardio work outs.

Sunset (Joris Delacroix Remix), by Oliver Schories. I think this song is great for sunset parties.

Doctor, by Sabo & Billy Caso. This is one for later on in the evening.

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